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Morning with our new camera

New camera-morning There is still so much to learn.  I haven’t even finished watching the DVD that came with the camera.    So many buttons and tabs and nuances to adjust.

Even with my limited knowledge of this camera (or any other, really) we are getting lots of great pictures.  Makes me wish we had a “good” camera during the baby and toddler years when we took so, so many pictures.

And yes, Mack does have on pajama bottoms while eating his pancakes.

Off to learn more and practice more!

Happy photographing!


Things that made me say, cool…

Don’t you just love it when you stumble on to something that you have to tell someone else about!

That’s how I felt about this great post— with pictures– about awesome family bikes.

Then there’s plaid.  We are just starting to get less humidity here.  I think we’ve had one or two days when the boys had to wear a jacket in the morning as they headed out to school.  But I am in the mood for plaid.   plaid boys shirt

This shirt is from Target.

These adorable shorts are from Janie and Jack.

plaid shorts

Not that I would put these two together.

plaid throw

This throw is in my cart.  From Target.

plaid shoes for women

And finally, contemplating these shoes.  Very cute.



Taking a Christmas Card Photo

old card photo

card pic 3

card pic 2

This could go on.  Until someone just gives up and cries.  (Like Mommy)  They were so cute when they were little.  But they did not like to have their picture taken.  Back then I was frustrated.  Now it makes me laugh.  This is a good time to remind myself to laugh more and feel frustrated less.  I think we finally went with this picture that year:

card pic 4

We are still not all happy about getting our picture taken.  At least we aren’t all happy at the same time.  And they are still so cute!

dock family-001

I hope your are enjoying your holiday season as much as we are!  Happy Celebrating!


The path I’ve chosen

hydrangea path shingle path

What is it about a path?  A well-worn, or not so well worn journey that someone else has taken before.

cm path

Most of these paths are planned and cared for, but just as charming as discovering one while on a walk.  Or taking one that is familiar.

table path

wood path

block path

Pinterest Images


Awning decisions

blue awnings bhg awning awings upstairs black and white awning green awning over garage green stripe awning pool and awning

Trying to decide if an awning is really what I want.  I love the look.

But will it be too dark in my dining room?

Could it look too commercial?

What color?

One thing that pulling together all my favorites has told me is stripes, definitely stripes!

(All pictures via Pinterest, of course.)


So long summer…


This morning we pulled out jackets and jeans.  I guess summer really is over.

We had a great summer but it’s really cozy in the house, coffee is brewing.  I’m not complaining.

Time to learn more spelling words, get in more piano lessons, and work on our soccer skills.

Making pumpkin bread this afternoon since it will be rainy with only a high of 72.  Lots of reasons to enjoy the coolness of the season.

I’m ready  for fall.  More ready than I thought I was.

So, what are we going to be for Halloween?


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