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Bunking in…

slide bunk

With three boys all sleeping in the same room, their choice, I’ve been contemplating bunk beds to free up some floor space.

red blue bunks

It’s nice to see this bed in front of a window.  That would have to happen in our room.

bunk orange

I slept in a bunk bed in the sorority house in college.  Bottom bed.  I liked it better than sleeping on the single bed in the same room.  Every sister who passed through left some thoughts on the ceiling of the lower bunk.  Mostly things like, Angela loves David, Jenni and Lisa big and little forever…

curtain bunk

trim bunks

And finally, this is really cool but I think it might be scary for sleeping!

scary bunks

All images from Pinterest

It’s a gorgeous day here!  I’m off for a walk to enjoy the temps before the days get hot!

Happy bunking and enjoy the week.



Horray for Strawberry Season!


The berries are ready and they are gorgeous!


We had a glorious day to pick.  A bunch.  Of strawberries.


I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon.


It doesn’t take long to get your bucket full.


And then end the picking with ice cream!

I’m so glad it’s spring.  It feels so good to have the sun warm you head and shoulders.

Happy, happy spring everyone!


Green on my mind…

Must be all the green that has finally taken hold of the landscape around here.

I can’t seem to get enough of the freshness of a simple green.


green mustang green fence green bed chekerboard porch


 All pictures from Pinterest.




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