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On our chalkboard this week…

No deposit

Last week’s quote was:  Success:  10% inspiration, 90% perspiration.  That generated a lot of conversation.  Things like, what is perspiration, what about annihilation, and even some serious talk about what it means to get the work done.  My husband says the thinks the quote is really 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration– and he’s propably right– but those odds just look a little daunting.  So I went with 10.

We will see what kind of dinner table talk this week’s quote brings up.  I got it from The Happiness Project.  Gretchen Rubin calls it a universal truth, one of the very few.



Ready to play




captain pirate

(from Pinterest via the Preppyblog.)

Only three and a half days of school left!  We are ready to act like pirates after working like captains.  Gather your swords and eye patch!  Summer here we come!


The most important meal

A Breakfast Poem

A silly poem to ponder as you sleep and wander in your brain

And you realize how much knowledge there is to gain from

One simple, solitary planned activitiy that can buffer you up to profound exclusivity.

Eating breakfast is the best.

It helps you keep your wobbly head

From spilling all the contents out and

Forgetting all the quotient amounts!

This important meal cannot be skipped,

Lest you find all your day gets tripped up on

Wild vocabulary and lunch decisions

It really must be a lifelong revision to have a hearty meal

At the beginning of the day and make sure you have ample energy to play!

Sleep tight brave and wonderful child.

I’ll see you at the beginning of the day!


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