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Taking a Christmas Card Photo

old card photo

card pic 3

card pic 2

This could go on.  Until someone just gives up and cries.  (Like Mommy)  They were so cute when they were little.  But they did not like to have their picture taken.  Back then I was frustrated.  Now it makes me laugh.  This is a good time to remind myself to laugh more and feel frustrated less.  I think we finally went with this picture that year:

card pic 4

We are still not all happy about getting our picture taken.  At least we aren’t all happy at the same time.  And they are still so cute!

dock family-001

I hope your are enjoying your holiday season as much as we are!  Happy Celebrating!


The path I’ve chosen

hydrangea path shingle path

What is it about a path?  A well-worn, or not so well worn journey that someone else has taken before.

cm path

Most of these paths are planned and cared for, but just as charming as discovering one while on a walk.  Or taking one that is familiar.

table path

wood path

block path

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So long summer…


This morning we pulled out jackets and jeans.  I guess summer really is over.

We had a great summer but it’s really cozy in the house, coffee is brewing.  I’m not complaining.

Time to learn more spelling words, get in more piano lessons, and work on our soccer skills.

Making pumpkin bread this afternoon since it will be rainy with only a high of 72.  Lots of reasons to enjoy the coolness of the season.

I’m ready  for fall.  More ready than I thought I was.

So, what are we going to be for Halloween?


Does it really have to be perfect?

The chore

At the beginning of the summer it was my big plan to get my boys to make up their beds everyday.   Its a good life lesson, right?

When I was single and working I made my bed every morning.  Not because I’m a neat freak–far from it.  It was because it was so satisfying and homey to come home every night and my bed was neat and clean and ready for me.  I was the only one there to take care of me.  So I did.  By making up by bed.

It made me happy so I thought it might make them happy to.

The boys did a really good job making their beds.  The bedspreads weren’t perfectly smooth and the sheets didn’t get tucked back under the mattress– but the pillows were in the right spot and you could tell everything had been pulled together and folded back ready for bed that night.  Just like I would do.   We also open the blinds and turn off the air purifier.

But it didn’t take long, at all, for me to realize I missed that little ritual.  And for now, I am here, to take care of them everyday.  Luckily.

Before summer “neatening the beds” had been one of the things I did after the boys went to school.   It takes about 3 minutes–again, I’m not a neat freak– but I learn so much from it.  Who tossed and turned all night so their covers were all in a jumble.  Who slept so hard their sheets are hardly messy.  I get to see who spilled their water, dropped their book on the floor, or left socks in the sheets.

It’s my way of showing I love them and I care about what the bed looks like and feels like when they crawl in at the end of a big day.  Its been fluffed and smoothed and tucked and is waiting to hopefully help them sleep soundly and be rested and ready for whatever the day brings.

And I’m not ready to stop doing that.

So we are working on clearing our breakfast dishes instead.  And I love it!


The season begins…

Summer stretches before us.  It’s the first day of our summer vacation.  No more getting to school on time, going to bed on time, drop off, pick up, do you have your lunch?

Most of me is really excited.  Weekdays we do have to be at swim practice at 9, which I learned last summer is a good thing– and an easy transition since we are up at 6 and throwing on your swimsuit seems just so much gentler than getting dressed for school.  If it weren’t for swim we might not get out of the house.

Not getting out of the house, though, is what I call a really great day.  Not for days on end but a day here and there staying in pajamas and only brushing my teeth.  It helps if there is rain or at least clouds.  A stormy day when there is no place we have to be is glorious, relaxing, and soothing to my Mommy soul.

Suprisingly I get a lot accomplished on these days.  Like the day this spring when Walt felt yucky and just wanted to stay on the couch.  The laundry got clean start to finish.   From dropping the load in the washer, to folding, to placing in the right drawer, laying flat, so you could close the drawer again.  Spider webs in the foyer and the dining/craft/watch people walk by room were swept away.  I actually dusted behind the television.

It was so nice to not think about how to maximize my alone time.  I had lots of time to myself, but I wasn’t alone.  The day offered a way to complete task after task, slowly and thankfully.  My little boy was feeling yucky but he would feel better soon and we could share the house, just the two of us, while Mommy quietly dusted, swept, folded and cleaned.  Heaven.

The part of me that is a little less excited is the part that says, hmmm, what are we going to do?  Together.  All day.  And how am I going to accomplish all the things I need to do, and usually do alone?

This summer we are implementing unpower hour.  I thought the boys might boo the idea, but they seem to be looking forward to it as much as I am.  After swim practice, and lunch at the pool, when we’ve had enough sun and water gun battles, the plan is to come home, get dry and take an hour of quiet time.  Rules:  read, write, draw, plan, play with quiet toys, or rest.

An hour of quiet stretching before me.  Ahhh.  the simple thoughts of summer.


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