Awning decisions

blue awnings bhg awning awings upstairs black and white awning green awning over garage green stripe awning pool and awning

Trying to decide if an awning is really what I want.  I love the look.

But will it be too dark in my dining room?

Could it look too commercial?

What color?

One thing that pulling together all my favorites has told me is stripes, definitely stripes!

(All pictures via Pinterest, of course.)


So long summer…


This morning we pulled out jackets and jeans.  I guess summer really is over.

We had a great summer but it’s really cozy in the house, coffee is brewing.  I’m not complaining.

Time to learn more spelling words, get in more piano lessons, and work on our soccer skills.

Making pumpkin bread this afternoon since it will be rainy with only a high of 72.  Lots of reasons to enjoy the coolness of the season.

I’m ready  for fall.  More ready than I thought I was.

So, what are we going to be for Halloween?


Does it really have to be perfect?

The chore

At the beginning of the summer it was my big plan to get my boys to make up their beds everyday.   Its a good life lesson, right?

When I was single and working I made my bed every morning.  Not because I’m a neat freak–far from it.  It was because it was so satisfying and homey to come home every night and my bed was neat and clean and ready for me.  I was the only one there to take care of me.  So I did.  By making up by bed.

It made me happy so I thought it might make them happy to.

The boys did a really good job making their beds.  The bedspreads weren’t perfectly smooth and the sheets didn’t get tucked back under the mattress– but the pillows were in the right spot and you could tell everything had been pulled together and folded back ready for bed that night.  Just like I would do.   We also open the blinds and turn off the air purifier.

But it didn’t take long, at all, for me to realize I missed that little ritual.  And for now, I am here, to take care of them everyday.  Luckily.

Before summer “neatening the beds” had been one of the things I did after the boys went to school.   It takes about 3 minutes–again, I’m not a neat freak– but I learn so much from it.  Who tossed and turned all night so their covers were all in a jumble.  Who slept so hard their sheets are hardly messy.  I get to see who spilled their water, dropped their book on the floor, or left socks in the sheets.

It’s my way of showing I love them and I care about what the bed looks like and feels like when they crawl in at the end of a big day.  Its been fluffed and smoothed and tucked and is waiting to hopefully help them sleep soundly and be rested and ready for whatever the day brings.

And I’m not ready to stop doing that.

So we are working on clearing our breakfast dishes instead.  And I love it!


Favorite Book Friday


One of our favorite books of the summer.  My oldest just liked the cover and pulled it off the shelf at the library.

bb inside 2

Bartholomew Biddle and the Very Big Wind, by Gary Ross is a rhyming adventure that is not for toddlers.

It took us two nights to read it, but if you had a lazy afternoon, a blanket, and some shade you could do it in one sitting.

We didn’t want to put it down.  So fun.

bb inside4

The pictures, by Matthew Myers are detailed and colorful.

bb inside3

The story and illustrations would have had me hooked, but the message is awesome too.

bbclose cover

Check it out and let me know what you think.  Any other books similar to this one?  We would love to read those as well.

Bartholomew Biddle and the Very Big Wind

Happy reading and happy Friday!


The new green door


our green door

I’ve been getting used to this new green door.  It was red before.  That was fine, but we had to add our own touch.

red door close

Great doors can make a great house even better.

green door white house

cool green door


door from young house love






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