The new green door


our green door

I’ve been getting used to this new green door.  It was red before.  That was fine, but we had to add our own touch.

red door close

Great doors can make a great house even better.

green door white house

cool green door


door from young house love






The season begins…

Summer stretches before us.  It’s the first day of our summer vacation.  No more getting to school on time, going to bed on time, drop off, pick up, do you have your lunch?

Most of me is really excited.  Weekdays we do have to be at swim practice at 9, which I learned last summer is a good thing– and an easy transition since we are up at 6 and throwing on your swimsuit seems just so much gentler than getting dressed for school.  If it weren’t for swim we might not get out of the house.

Not getting out of the house, though, is what I call a really great day.  Not for days on end but a day here and there staying in pajamas and only brushing my teeth.  It helps if there is rain or at least clouds.  A stormy day when there is no place we have to be is glorious, relaxing, and soothing to my Mommy soul.

Suprisingly I get a lot accomplished on these days.  Like the day this spring when Walt felt yucky and just wanted to stay on the couch.  The laundry got clean start to finish.   From dropping the load in the washer, to folding, to placing in the right drawer, laying flat, so you could close the drawer again.  Spider webs in the foyer and the dining/craft/watch people walk by room were swept away.  I actually dusted behind the television.

It was so nice to not think about how to maximize my alone time.  I had lots of time to myself, but I wasn’t alone.  The day offered a way to complete task after task, slowly and thankfully.  My little boy was feeling yucky but he would feel better soon and we could share the house, just the two of us, while Mommy quietly dusted, swept, folded and cleaned.  Heaven.

The part of me that is a little less excited is the part that says, hmmm, what are we going to do?  Together.  All day.  And how am I going to accomplish all the things I need to do, and usually do alone?

This summer we are implementing unpower hour.  I thought the boys might boo the idea, but they seem to be looking forward to it as much as I am.  After swim practice, and lunch at the pool, when we’ve had enough sun and water gun battles, the plan is to come home, get dry and take an hour of quiet time.  Rules:  read, write, draw, plan, play with quiet toys, or rest.

An hour of quiet stretching before me.  Ahhh.  the simple thoughts of summer.


Happy Friday

harry with fbf graffic

As my oldest said this morning, it’s been a long week.  Only one more week until the last day of school and yet it feels so far away.

We have some fresh books from the library and look forward to reading before bed tonight.  Harry and Horsie is one we’ve read over and over.  Then we check it out again and read it over and over.

harry and horsie 2

The illustrations are retro cool.

harry and horsie 3

And it’s so fun to get to say, “Bloop,” throughout the book.  What a descriptive word, bloop.

harry and horsie 4


Sleep buddies, bubbles and the moon make this book one of our bedtime favorites.  Not too short, not too long.

harry and horsie 5

Interestingly, it is written by a young woman who was a nanny for David Letterman, Harry is his son.

harry an horsie cover

Happy reading and enjoy the weekend!


Summer to do list

summer mack

I love reading the lists of what families plan to do with the days of summer.

And since I love a list, we have made one of our own.

The beginning of our summer vacation is pretty structured, as far as summer days go, since we have swim team practice weekday mornings at 9.  Last summer I thought that would be a strain, somewhere to be every morning.  BUT it turned out to be great!  We had a place to be, a reason to get dressed, (or at least change out of our pajamas),  and the boys looked forward to it.  No begging them to get ready.  It really made summer easier.   So our everyday did have  a kind of routine, using our bodies to exercise and our minds to learn new strokes.

I am looking forward to that again this summer.


  • 9am swim practice
  • 10am pool opens, stay to play
  • 11am snack bar opens–highly anticipated by our family!
  • 12noon lunch at the pool
  • 1pm home and dry, more snacks
  • 1:30- 3 excursion or lessons, music or language on the internet
  • 3-4pm unpower hour-time to read, draw, write, quietly play or rest.
  • 4-6pm electronics time, so I can supper ready!

As I type this out, it seems kind of rigid, but in our family we operate best when we all know what is going to happen next.

The unpower hour is new to us this summer.  But the boys have started to read chapter books to themselves and I just think making time to get lost in a book is a great way to spend free time.  I am looking forward to joining them and have a small stack of books ready to let take me away.


Powerful mornings to change the world.

hello door

Graduation speeches are the best.  I love to be inspired and by golly, a graduation speech is usually, even if they are halfway decent, inspiring.

Trouble is, it’s hard to remember all the advice that was rendered during the graduation speech that was meant for you.  I know I for one was thinking about where we were going for lunch afterwards, will my hat stay on just a little while longer, and is that really my mom’s voice I can hear from all the way up there in the stands of the division one football stadium?  Yes, yes it is…

So this time of year I love to hear what other graduates are hearing on their big day

Naval Admiral William H. McRaven’s words to the University of Texas at Austin were inspiring and entertaining.  I heard about it on the Happiness Project Blog.  McRaven is a navy seal and the ninth commander of US Special Operations Command.  He gives advice on changing the world.  Number one is, “make your bed.”

Interesting and timely since making our bed is one of our summer projects.   My hope is that by the end of the summer they will automatically make their bed in the morning before we leave the house.

But making your bed is just one those things that I think make a morning great.  Here are my other thoughts:

1.  Open the blinds.  Let in the sunshine.  See what’s going on outside.

2.  Say good morning to everyone.  It’s uplifting to you and uplifiting to them.  (Don’t worry if they don’t answer back, you did your thing.)

3.  Stretch.  Just a little bit of movement gets your blood flowing.

4.  Say thank you for the day.  Silently to God or the Universe.  A deep breath goes well here too.

5.  Make your bed.  First tasked finished.  Now on to the next.

We are not a perfectly made up bed kind of household.  And learning to make up our bed is on our list for the summer.  But straightening the sheets and the blankets, turning over and smoothing out the pillows is part of my morning mommy ritual.  When it is time to snuggle in and say our prayers when the day is over I think a neat place to lay their head is another way I say I love you and want to take good care of you.

I’ll let you know if the bed making habit sticks with my 3.


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