Powerful mornings to change the world.

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Graduation speeches are the best.  I love to be inspired and by golly, a graduation speech is usually, even if they are halfway decent, inspiring.

Trouble is, it’s hard to remember all the advice that was rendered during the graduation speech that was meant for you.  I know I for one was thinking about where we were going for lunch afterwards, will my hat stay on just a little while longer, and is that really my mom’s voice I can hear from all the way up there in the stands of the division one football stadium?  Yes, yes it is…

So this time of year I love to hear what other graduates are hearing on their big day

Naval Admiral William H. McRaven’s words to the University of Texas at Austin were inspiring and entertaining.  I heard about it on the Happiness Project Blog.  McRaven is a navy seal and the ninth commander of US Special Operations Command.  He gives advice on changing the world.  Number one is, “make your bed.”

Interesting and timely since making our bed is one of our summer projects.   My hope is that by the end of the summer they will automatically make their bed in the morning before we leave the house.

But making your bed is just one those things that I think make a morning great.  Here are my other thoughts:

1.  Open the blinds.  Let in the sunshine.  See what’s going on outside.

2.  Say good morning to everyone.  It’s uplifting to you and uplifiting to them.  (Don’t worry if they don’t answer back, you did your thing.)

3.  Stretch.  Just a little bit of movement gets your blood flowing.

4.  Say thank you for the day.  Silently to God or the Universe.  A deep breath goes well here too.

5.  Make your bed.  First tasked finished.  Now on to the next.

We are not a perfectly made up bed kind of household.  And learning to make up our bed is on our list for the summer.  But straightening the sheets and the blankets, turning over and smoothing out the pillows is part of my morning mommy ritual.  When it is time to snuggle in and say our prayers when the day is over I think a neat place to lay their head is another way I say I love you and want to take good care of you.

I’ll let you know if the bed making habit sticks with my 3.

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