Summer to do list

summer mack

I love reading the lists of what families plan to do with the days of summer.

And since I love a list, we have made one of our own.

The beginning of our summer vacation is pretty structured, as far as summer days go, since we have swim team practice weekday mornings at 9.  Last summer I thought that would be a strain, somewhere to be every morning.  BUT it turned out to be great!  We had a place to be, a reason to get dressed, (or at least change out of our pajamas),  and the boys looked forward to it.  No begging them to get ready.  It really made summer easier.   So our everyday did have  a kind of routine, using our bodies to exercise and our minds to learn new strokes.

I am looking forward to that again this summer.


  • 9am swim practice
  • 10am pool opens, stay to play
  • 11am snack bar opens–highly anticipated by our family!
  • 12noon lunch at the pool
  • 1pm home and dry, more snacks
  • 1:30- 3 excursion or lessons, music or language on the internet
  • 3-4pm unpower hour-time to read, draw, write, quietly play or rest.
  • 4-6pm electronics time, so I can supper ready!

As I type this out, it seems kind of rigid, but in our family we operate best when we all know what is going to happen next.

The unpower hour is new to us this summer.  But the boys have started to read chapter books to themselves and I just think making time to get lost in a book is a great way to spend free time.  I am looking forward to joining them and have a small stack of books ready to let take me away.

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