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Getting ready to get wet!

Swim suits for shorter legs

There are lots and lots of long, surf-type bathing suits out there!  They look cool, and provide good sun coverage, I get it.  But my boys are somewhat on the short side and aren’t comfortable with all that material.  It took a bit of looking around but I found some good looking options for us!

Number 1 is from Boden.  We used to have these swim suits.  I loved, loved, loved when they were little and wore these suits.  I still have them and plan on framing them to hang in our beach house one day! (When we have a beach house!)  But now, this style is, well, more their style.

Number 2 is so cute and simple.  And it’s on sale right now at Hanna Andersson!

Number 3 has a very nice surf vibe.  It’s flashy and easy to spot when there is a crowd at the beach or the pool.  This one is from H and M.  You can’t beat their prices.

Number 4 is the one my 10 year old went with.  This is his favorite color.  And it’s from good ole Target.  I got this one for my other 10 year old.

Number 5 is a classic beach/surf suit I found at Dick’s Sporting Goods.   The colors are more subdued and quiet if your swimmer doesn’t want to stand out.   Dick’s includes the out seam measurement in their descriptions.  So helpful.  15 inches on this suit.

Number 6 is the jammer my 12 year old loves.  This will be the third time I have bought this suit!  Very swim team even though we are no longer on the swim team.  He likes the unencumbered fit and we just got a red rash guard to go with it.  Not the sturdiest of suits but he loves it.

If you find others that are a good fit for shorter legs please let me know!

Happy swimming!


Caught my eye this week…

mellow pic

This is Mellow.  We got her Saturday and have been enjoying her company every day since.  And every night.  She’s a great sleeper.   She is still getting used to us, but I think she will like it here.

Some other things that warmed my heart this week on the web:

A great essay on time from someone who usually spends his days traveling and exploring, which is not anything like the way I spend my days.  But things change.  Super good.

Oh, how I love a good house tour.  Julie Blanner discusses decorating after the holidays.  I am ready for quiet after the lights and the greenery and the gingerbread houses.  But her house is already serene and hushed.  Love the brick floors.

Around here I don’t really need a heavy winter coat.  But I love to look at them.  This white coat looks so cuddly it makes want to go somewhere cold.  Almost.  Beautiful pictures.  Gorgeous sweater.

We are planning a big trip this summer so I am so happy to steal some of the resources from Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Lots of good ideas on how to make travel happen!

And finally, I am subbing for some Zumba classes coming up and need some new dances.  This one looks fun.  And I like the new Sia song. This choreography has lots of classic Zumba moves, simple and repetitive, but still a dance and not an aerobics routine.  Would have been just as good with a shirt on, though.  Still, easy to watch.

Enjoy the weekend!  We are making Pinewood Derby cars and playing with our new dog!  Until next week…




Simple has my heart…

The clutter is getting to me.   The trees I love to look at this year are the simplest, greenest, most restful trees.


I think my word for 2017 is going to be lighten.  As in lighten my load, get rid of things, lessen my worries (or at least worry less), lose a few pounds, and not be so serious, lighten up.

Just like these trees.

tree-with-pics corner-tree

And my very favorite.


Here’s to a calm– and bright– holiday with clear channel markers and sturdy docks.




Simple words…

Thank you

Last week was a bit crazy for me.

My little ebook, A Life of Great and Wonderful was created for me and my no so easy, ungraceful, difficult bedtime nights.  It’s been sitting here quietly, while I worked up the courage to tell somebody about it.

Then I told my sister.  She told Facebook.  And everyone was so, so nice.  My cousin’s wife Shelly was the first to buy it.  With real money!  Makes me tear up.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Feeling a little in awe of the power of Facebook (and wishing I was better at navigating social media).  And grateful for such sweet wishes and congratulations and encouragement.

I feel so loved.  Thank you a million times.


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