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Favorite Read Aloud Book Lately

Oh my goodness.  I wish this book was mandatory for every 4th and 5th grader.  No, wait it really should be mandatory for everyone.  Can you tell we loved it.

Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt is about typical kids you meet in a class room, all with different strengths and different weaknesses.  You know the quote, “If you judge a fish by his ability to climb a tree he will believe he is dumb all his life.”  (Or something like that.)  The book is a lesson in playing to your strengths, and realizing you are not dumb.


As readers we get to listen in on the thoughts of Ally, who thinks she is dumb but really is very insightful and intelligent.  She is also good at making friends, which is a skill you can use to benefit your life forever.  Lucky for her a teacher enters her life who shows her she is very smart indeed.

We laughed, I cried– tears of joy!  There are a lot of life lessons here.  When Ally realizes the friendship bracelets she wishes someone would share with her have actually been purchased, it is a revelation I wish every child who feels left our or insecure could experience.  And they can!  Right here.  It’s worth reading out loud so you can discuss it and know your kids heard what you heard and you can hear what they hear.

I think we will read it again before 6th grade.  So good.

Happy reading!



A good night sleep message…

Tonight I want you to know it is possible to be your own best friend.  In fact, I think everyone should be their own super best friend.

And how do you treat your best friend?  You are kind.  You are honest.  You let them go first.  You make sure they get what they need.

Do the same things for yourself.

Be your own super best friend.

When you talk to yourself—say something nice.

Make sure your get what you need:  Good sleep, healthy food, deep breaths.

And if you find a time when all your human friends let you down—it does happen—you already know your super best friend lives in your own body and in your own head.

Your super best friend is always ready to play.

You and your super best friend can count the stars, create a song, or bask in the sunlight.

There is super joy in being your own super best friend.

Now.  Deep breath.

Close your eyes.

Be still and quiet and you will go to sleep.



Caught my eye this week…

We were on spring break last week which gave us time to practice.  It got pretty loud!

Some things I saw recently on the internet I thought you might enjoy also.

This shack and the story that goes with it.   I would love to go there!

Ok, ok, yes I need to de-clutter, too.  Following some of these time suggestions.

This discussion on Cup of Jo had me reading all of the comments.  This parenting advice is gold. GOLD!

I am so in love with the pink range in this beach house.  It is perfect for this spot.   I also think it would be perfect in my kitchen.

The “poem” that ends this post is the best part!  Enjoy!

Happy reading!



You are You

Sweet words to send them to sleep.  I read from my ipad while the lights are off.  My husband likes to use his phone.


I love this Dr. Seuss rhyme; “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

That is so great! No one alive is you-er than you. You are the best you in this whole wide world.

Keep that thought in the front of your mind. You are the best you in this whole wide world.

Sometimes the world will tell you you’re not good enough. In fact, Dr. Seuss was told that his books were “too different” and that no one would buy them. Different can be awesome, and popular. Now it seems most every child, and adult, has a favorite Dr. Seuss book.

The world was ready for different and ready for Dr. Seuss. I think the world is ready for you.

No one is you-er than you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than you. Be true to you. Even if you are a little different. Different makes you you-er. And I love you.

Now, let’s get some sweet sleep. So you can be your best you.

Deep breath.

Close your eyes.

Be still and quiet and you will go to sleep.


A Poem before bed…

Show up Filled Up 

Show up filled up

With grace and humor and love

Show up filled up

With cheese and bread and things you’ve dreamed of

Show up filled up

With kindness and desire and glory

Show up filled up

With peaches and pride and a true story

Show up filled up

With Nuts and berries and praise

Show up filled up

With song and dance because you’re brave

Show up filled up

With grains, and thanks and thought.

Show up filled up

With zest and time and all you’ve got!


Now deep breath.

Close your eyes.

Be still and quiet and you’ll go to sleep.




Caught my eye this week…

Sam reading in car


I am still having a ball doing my own workout at home.  I start here and keep dancing.  Put YouTube on auto play and just dance.  See if you can sit still to “Bye, Bye, Bye” 

Showing these 6 different rugs is genius.  My furniture is very different but I love getting a feeling for each rug.  Thank you for rolling out all those rugs, and taking pictures!

Just finished this book.  I know its all over the internet and there is a movie in the works, but I loved it too.  Had to share.

Who knew we were NBA insiders.  Comfort food is power food.  Ask a mom.  She knows.

This lovely wallpaper feels so sweet.  But I think I love the floors the best.

Have a great week!  Spring is here!


Thank you day, for today

To read aloud to my children, after lights out. 

yellow shark

Now that the day is over we can say, thank you for this day.

And good bye day.

This day will never come again.  It is now tucked into the library of our mind.

Thank you day.  Thank you for all the good things that happened today.

Thank you for all the challenges of this day.

We are grateful for both.  We can learn from both.

Good bye day.  Thank you.

Let’s use the lessons of today, tomorrow.  Tomorrow we get a fresh start.

We are grateful for a fresh start.  Grateful for tomorrow.

Thank you for tomorrow.  And thank you for today.  Good bye today.

Deep breath.

Close your eyes.

Be still and quiet and you will go to sleep.


Caught my eye this week…

mellow pic

This is Mellow.  We got her Saturday and have been enjoying her company every day since.  And every night.  She’s a great sleeper.   She is still getting used to us, but I think she will like it here.

Some other things that warmed my heart this week on the web:

A great essay on time from someone who usually spends his days traveling and exploring, which is not anything like the way I spend my days.  But things change.  Super good.

Oh, how I love a good house tour.  Julie Blanner discusses decorating after the holidays.  I am ready for quiet after the lights and the greenery and the gingerbread houses.  But her house is already serene and hushed.  Love the brick floors.

Around here I don’t really need a heavy winter coat.  But I love to look at them.  This white coat looks so cuddly it makes want to go somewhere cold.  Almost.  Beautiful pictures.  Gorgeous sweater.

We are planning a big trip this summer so I am so happy to steal some of the resources from Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Lots of good ideas on how to make travel happen!

And finally, I am subbing for some Zumba classes coming up and need some new dances.  This one looks fun.  And I like the new Sia song. This choreography has lots of classic Zumba moves, simple and repetitive, but still a dance and not an aerobics routine.  Would have been just as good with a shirt on, though.  Still, easy to watch.

Enjoy the weekend!  We are making Pinewood Derby cars and playing with our new dog!  Until next week…




More of what I want my kids to know…


Tonight I want you to know that there is an abundance of good in this world.

Fill your mind with the thought that there is enough for everyone and there will be.

There is enough for you and enough for me.

Our thoughts make us who we are and we know that there is more than enough. An abundance. A large amount.  A magnificent supply.

We can think in terms or scarcity or abundance.  It is for you to decide.  But living with the rhythm of abundance attracts abundance.

There is enough for you enough for me.

You do have lots of friends.  You have copious amounts of toys.  You are loved beyond the beyond by many great and generous people.  You have access to ideas and thoughts and your own incredible imagination.

You have an abundant life.

Keep that feeling of abundance in your heart and in your mind.

Nurture it and guard it.  It will create for you a life of abundance.  A life of great and wonderful.

Now get an abundance of good sleep and I will see you in the morning.

Deep breath.

Close your eyes.

Be still and quiet.

And you will go to sleep.


I do this geeky thing at night where I read an essay to my children, from my Kindle, with the lights out.  Some days I feel like I take care of their physical needs, but I go to bed wondering if I have fed their soul? 

If you want to feed some souls I created an ebook called, A Life of Great and Wonderful.  You can get your copy by clicking on the graphic at the right.  You will need to download the Gumroad app and then the essays will be available on the desktop of your ipad, Kindle, nook, phone or your device of choice. 

I don’t know if my messages are sinking in to my three hardheaded sweeties, but reading the messages makes me feel better.  And there is lots of room for me to be a better mommy!  Sleep well.  Everyone.  Sleep well.


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