Getting ready to get wet!

Swim suits for shorter legs

There are lots and lots of long, surf-type bathing suits out there!  They look cool, and provide good sun coverage, I get it.  But my boys are somewhat on the short side and aren’t comfortable with all that material.  It took a bit of looking around but I found some good looking options for us!

Number 1 is from Boden.  We used to have these swim suits.  I loved, loved, loved when they were little and wore these suits.  I still have them and plan on framing them to hang in our beach house one day! (When we have a beach house!)  But now, this style is, well, more their style.

Number 2 is so cute and simple.  And it’s on sale right now at Hanna Andersson!

Number 3 has a very nice surf vibe.  It’s flashy and easy to spot when there is a crowd at the beach or the pool.  This one is from H and M.  You can’t beat their prices.

Number 4 is the one my 10 year old went with.  This is his favorite color.  And it’s from good ole Target.  I got this one for my other 10 year old.

Number 5 is a classic beach/surf suit I found at Dick’s Sporting Goods.   The colors are more subdued and quiet if your swimmer doesn’t want to stand out.   Dick’s includes the out seam measurement in their descriptions.  So helpful.  15 inches on this suit.

Number 6 is the jammer my 12 year old loves.  This will be the third time I have bought this suit!  Very swim team even though we are no longer on the swim team.  He likes the unencumbered fit and we just got a red rash guard to go with it.  Not the sturdiest of suits but he loves it.

If you find others that are a good fit for shorter legs please let me know!

Happy swimming!

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